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6 October 2006

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  1. Decrease or eliminate foods high in uric acid precursors (DNA, RNA): organ meats, mackerel, sardines, seafood, beef, chicken, turkey, beans, peas, yeast. Eliminate sucrose, fructose, minimize alcohol. Identify, eliminate, rotate, desensitize food allergens.
  2. Cherry juice (black, sweet yellow, sour red) 1 quart over a day can relieve acute attacks and prevent re-occurrences.
  3. Vitamin C (powdered), 4-8 grams/ day increased urinary excretion of uric acid and lowered serum uric acid levels. This effect would presumably reduce the risk of gout. However, it has been argued that rapid mobilization of uric acid could trigger a gout attack, although such an effect of vitamin C supplementation has not been reported. To minimize this theoretical risk, one might start vitamin C at lower doses and build up gradually.
  4. Lithium carbonate, 300 milligrams BID-TID.
  5. Folic acid, 60-80 milligrams daily. Conflicting reports.