Map shows pubs serving takeaway drinks if you’re missing a freshly poured pint

Map shows pubs serving takeaway drinks if you’re missing a freshly poured pint

Missing the taste of a freshly poured pint?

Sipping from a can isn’t quite the same.

Pubs are still closed for people to sit in but the good news is that some are open for takeaway.

You can turn up and get them to serve you your favourite drink and then enjoy it outside with a friend (within the socially distance rules of course).

But if you aren’t sure where to go for your takeaway pint, one couple has created the Takeaway Pints map showing pubs across London and beyond where you can go.

The simple idea was created by Nick and Fede who started out by compiling a list of takeaway pubs online and it grew quickly.

Nick said: ‘Then we invited others to help us build out our list & realised that it was quickly growing.

After getting some feedback from pubs that we’d helped we realised it was a pretty powerful way for people find local pubs that they could go out and support.

‘It was probably around 40 pubs to begin with. We’re now at around 250 pubs, all of those have come from submissions or we’ve discovered them ourselves.

‘The reaction so far has been great, we’ve heard from a number of pubs that its been really useful for attracting customers to their takeaway service and we’ve had quite a few visitors message us to thank us for helping them find a pint near them.’

You can view either a list (split up by areas of London) or explore the map to find your nearest one.

Each listing explains what they serve, if there is takeaway food and the opening hours with handy symbols.

If you know of one that isn’t on there, you can submit it to Nick and Fede through a handy online form to get it added to the list.

There’s also a list for outside London, though it is currently much shorter.

It means you can help keep your local in business too so you can enjoy it again when this is all over.